As a professional provider of aeronautical services and products as well as to fulfil the orders of our customers, we have to comply with the severe requirements of the European and national aviation authorities. Our permits and certifications bear witness to our expertise. APUS is an EASA Design Organisation according to Part 21, Section A, Subpart J. In the near future we will receive a production organisation approval according to EASA Part 21 Subpart G to be able to certify prototype parts and small-scale series independent of third parties, which are already developed in our prototyping department.

Head of Airworthiness:

Martin König

In addition, APUS is certified in accordance with the quality standards of EN 9100. Like all companies which are certified according to this standard, APUS is listed on https://www.iaqg.org/oasis/ (OIN: 6151057663).

Quality Manager:

Andreas Flüss