APUS i-5

  • Area: 44 m2
  • Span: 25,2 m
  • Aspect Ratio: 14,4
  • Length: 8,25 m
  • Height: 1,5 m
  • Width: 1,1 m
  • MTOW: 4,200kg
  • MC/MTOP:450/600 kW
  • Crew: 1
  • Pax: 1
Propulsion (max. cont. pwr / max. pwr)
  • 450kW MCP
  • 600kW MTOP

Together with Rolls-Royce, APUS develops a high versatile technology and utility platform for any kind of airwork. The APUS i-5 product family will be designed in a twin-boom conguration. This conguration allows the high versatility that is requested by a high number of applications of APUS i-5.
Main purposes of the platform are:
1. test bench for hybrid propulsion systems (HPS) and ight control systems (FCS)
2. intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform (ISR) for sensor systems and long endurance applications (MALE) and
3. cargo applications.

The program starts with the technology platform APUS i-5 “H“(-ybrid) equipped with a Rolls-Royce hybrid powertrain.
It will continue with an optionally piloted ISR-platform APUS i-5 “ISR/OPV” afterwards. Equipped with four reliable ROTAX engines the product will provide an extraordinary long endurance and long range performance.
APUS i-5 “Cargo” version provides next to outstanding payload capacity a very comfortable loadable and large cargo bay. Main design goal is to
achieve lowest costs per transported mass in the market. The final variant and “queen” of the product family is the APUS i-5 “SeaDrone”, which is the first cargo sea drone of the world. It shall be equipped with a Rolls-Royce hybrid electric propulsion system.