Industrial Organisation

Aviation Processes

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of certifications which covers all requirements pertaining to aviation law.


EN 9100:2018

Switch your company to the stable process basis of EN 9100 for management processes. Utilising EN 9100 your company’s processes will become more efficient and its error rate will drop drastically. We compile a handbook tailored precisely towards your company, coach your employees and audit your company subsequently. We offer certification as a fixed-price package.


EU VO 748/2012 Part 21 J Design Organisation
To develop new aircraft or to conduct changes to an existing aircraft type, all specifications of Part 21 J must be fulfilled. We ourselves are a certified design organisation and would gladly pass on our experience in this field.


EU VO 748/2012 Part 21G Production Organisation
Certification under Part 21 G is required for the production of aircraft as well as aircraft components. We have positive experience in accomplishing minimum requirements in this field through our activity in process improvement.
NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program)
With NADCAP the door of supplying large aerospace companies is opened.


Part 145 Maintenance Organisation
Alongside development and production there is the field of maintaining aircraft. We describe the requirements of Part 145 in the form of a handbook and implement the necessary processes.
Part M CAMO Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation
A CAMO’s task is to monitor the airworthiness of aircraft and to appoint a Part 145 maintenance organisation to conduct appropriate action when operational limits are reached or when maintenance is due. Usually the certifications as a CAMO and as a Part 145 maintenance organisation are pursued together in order to offer all maintenance from a single provider.


AOC Air Operators Certificate
If you would like to transport passengers and cargo commercially, you will need an Air Operators Certificate. Everything from small air taxi services to express air-cargo all the way to business charter operations are conducted via an AOC. These specifications ensure uniform processes for conducting flights.
ATO Authorized Training Organisation
Certify your company as a licenced flight school. You determine the scope of your company’s certification, ranging anywhere between glider flight and airline transport licencing (ATPL). Along with the handbook we establish the required quality assurance procedures.