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      ASG 32 Mi

      Aircraft data
      • Glide ratio approx. 53
      • Wing span: 20 m
      • Empty weight: 570 kg
      • Maximum take-off weight: 850 kg
      • Wing loading: min. 40.7 kg/m², max. 54.1 kg/m²
      • Water ballast: max. 125 L
      • Engine: IAE 50R-AA, 56 PS
      • AVGAS
      • Wassertank in der Seitenflosse
      • „Garagen“ für Mückenputzflügel im Rumpf integriert, inklusive passenden Putzflügeln und elektronischem Antrieb
      • LED-Blitzlicht in der Seitenflossen-Nase integriert
      • Lenkbares, einziehbares Spornrad mit abnehmbare Flügelspitzenrädchen
      • Blau-getönte Haube
      • Zwei O2-Flaschen, jeweils 3 L
      • Tost-Schwerpunkt-Sicherheitskupplung
      • Solarzellen 2 x Set 7 (4 Panels), bündig in die Motorraumklappen integriert
      • Triebwerksbedienung zusätzlich im hinteren Cockpit
      • 2 LiFeP04 Batterien, 12V/10Ah
      • Benzinsack (15L) im Flügel
      • Flugrechner LXNAV LX 9070 mit V8-Vario:
        • PowerFlarm-Integration LX 9070
        • ADS-B Empfang
        • Wölbklappensensor
        • Flarm ACL
        • WiFi-Funktion mit Dongle
        • Funkbridge für ATR 833
      • Funkgerät Zweitbedienung f.u.n.k.e. ATR 833 RT-LCD
      • Mode-S Transponder f.u.n.k.e. TRT 800 H-LCD
      • Elektronische Sauerstoffanlage Mountain High EDS O2D2-2G
      • Clouddancers Allwetterbezüge –uncuttable- mit Solarfenster und Schnellspannsystem
      • IMI-Gliding „Power Rigger“ für Doppelsitzer
      • IMI-Gliding Schleppstange –schwere Flugzeuge- (180cm) mit Heckheber
      • IMI-Gliding Flächenrad Doppelsitzer
      • Wet lease (incl. oil & fuel)
      • Fully comprehensive insurance with €4740 excess
      • Solo flight requirements
        • min. 100 hours as PIC
        • min. 3 take-offs in same type


      Our price plans for leasing on per day or per week basis cater for recreational, competitive and long-term use cases.
      The included APUS Convenience Service offers best-possible conditions for soaring the skies.

      Both price plans include 8 minutes of engine run time per day – each minute of engine run time beyond that are charged €8.

      Day lease


      Full Service Package

      Strausberg Airfield (EDAY) as origin and destination.

      Week lease


      Holiday or Competition Package

      Ready for immediate flying, or to take away in APUS-provided trailer.

      The APUS Convenience Service

      Our aim is to take care of all the ground handling so you can focus purely on flying. For the day lease, APUS promises to provide a clean aircraft (interior and exterior) with fully charged batteries waiting already outside the hangar ready for immediate flying. For the week lease, you have the choice of receiving the aircraft flight ready in Strausberg, as for the day-lease, or disassembled and ready for transport in its bespoke trailer.

      Trailer details
      • Spindelberger Cobra trailer
      • SL-Paket (Flügelstütze, Mittelschiene + Verlängerung und Hydraulikkuppeleinheit)
      • Reserverad außen hinter der Achse
      • Spornaushebevorrichtung aus der Spornfalle
      • ALKO-Antischlingerkupplung, AKS 3004
      • 2x Kiste vor dem Flügel, ohne Deckel
      • 1800 kg Gesamtgewicht, Einachsenhänger


      We have put thought into how we can provide our customers with a great, straightforward aircraft as cheaply as possible. This is achieved by limiting the number of variables to only those necessary. For accounting purposes, charter companies estimate flight time and the average fuel costs throughout the coming year to spread fixed costs. Every calculation includes a safety margin, which causes the price to increase. We, on the other hand, have chosen to disclose these variables to our customers. This facilitates planning and avoids having to add this contingency charge, thus permitting us to offer our customers the cheapest possible rate.

      All prices include statutory VAT.

      Aircraft Pictures

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