Piper PA28-181 Archer II


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General information on D-EAMN
  • Cruising speed: 100 – 130 KIAS
  • Max. load: 433 kg
  • Max. TOW: 1157 kg
  • Engine: Lycoming O-360-A4A, 180 PS
  • IFR certified incl. RNAV
  • Pilot seat height-adjustable
  • GTN 650 Nav / Com
  • TRX-1500 Traffic Monitor
  • 2-axis-autopilot S-TEC 50 with GPS/NAV-connector
  • Electric trim
  • King KX 155 COM/NAV VHF
  • King 62A -01 DME
  • King KMA 20 Audio-Panel/MKR
  • Becker BXP6403-1 TXP Mode
  • ELT ARTEX ME 406
  • Dual altimeters
Leasing Conditions
  • Use of MOGAS possible (MOGAS STC)
  • two-hour minimum rental time when booking aircraft for entire day
    • These two hours count towards total flight time
    • Special arrangements can be made in advance, dependent on the season
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with €5000 deductible

Price Plans

Our three leasing plans are ideal for all types of aviators, whether you’re a pilot travelling through or a frequent flyer.

Hourly Lease
No yearly fee
Dry lease (incl. oil, excl. fuel)

€1500 yearly fee
Dry lease (incl. oil, excl. fuel)

€10000 yearly fee
incl. oil and fuel

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Base: Strausberg Airfield (EDAY)

Our Price Policy

We have put thought into how we can provide our customers with a great, straightforward aircraft as cheaply as possible. This is achieved by limiting the number of variables to only those necessary.
For accounting purposes, charter companies estimate flight time and the average fuel costs throughout the coming year to spread fixed costs. Every calculation includes a safety margin, which causes the price to increase.
We, on the other hand, have chosen to disclose these variables to our customers. This facilitates planning and avoids having to add this contingency charge, thus permitting us to offer our customers the cheapest possible rate.

Dry Lease

For a wet lease, we would have to assume high power usage and rising fuel prices throughout the year, which is ultimately detrimental to pilots trying to reach their destination or conduct a sightseeing flight economically. This is why we offer our aircraft for dry lease. This gives the pilot the choice between reaching his/her destination quickly and bearing the higher cost accordingly, or using a lower power setting for a sightseeing flight and saving fuel.

To facilitate fuel-cost saving for our customers, we have retrofitted our aircraft to take autofuel (“MOGAS”).

Reduced Hourly Rate

By paying the annual fee for the reduced rate per flight hour, our customers contribute towards the annual fixed costs. This allows us to offer the aircraft to these customers for the actual variable price per flight hour. Combined with the dry lease, our customers pay the cheapest possible price – no estimations, no surcharges!

Flat Rate

Our flat rate targets true frequent flyers who simply don’t have the time to be part of an owners group or own an aircraft themselves. The annual fees are absolutely predictable: 10.000 € incl. VAT. The hourly rate is thus subject to the effective hours flown.
We have limited the flat rate offer to a maximum of three pilots to ensure sufficient availability of the aircraft.

All prices include statutory VAT
*limited to three pilots, usage for commercial purposes prohibited