Aircraft Data
Max. Take-off Weight:  1315 kg / 1415 kg
Load factors:  +5 g / -3 g
Engine:  Wedenejew M-14P, 364 PS

Leasing Conditions

Introduction Flight required before conducting solo flights.
This comprises a comprehensive introductory briefing with an instructor.

Solo flight requirement: at least 3 take-offs within the past 90 days on this aircraft type.

Price Plans

Introduction flight:
€560 / h (solo flight not included)

Solo flight:

  • €1.500 annual fee (fixed cost)
  • €300 per flight hour (as per logbook)
  • Wet lease (incl. oil & fuel)
  • Fully comprehensive cover with €5.000 excess


We have put thought into how we can provide our customers with a great, straightforward aircraft as cheaply as possible. This is achieved by limiting the number of variables to only those necessary. For accounting purposes, charter companies estimate flight time and the average fuel costs throughout the coming year to spread fixed costs. Every calculation includes a safety margin, which causes the price to increase. We, on the other hand, have chosen to disclose these variables to our customers. This facilitates planning and avoids having to add this contingency charge, thus permitting us to offer our customers the cheapest possible rate.

All prices include statutory VAT
*limited to three pilots, usage for commercial purposes prohibited

Aircraft Pictures

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Base: Strausberg Airfield (EDAY)